Thank YOU for Considering a Donation to MVJRC!


Although funding for the MVJRC correctional treatment program supports basic needs, we are seeking to provide a more enriched environment for the youth we serve.  We are passionate about providing for our kids, so we would love for you to donate items to support our program.  A list of acceptable donation items is below for your reference.  Also, feel free to talk with us about special projects we are working on that you may want to contribute to (see Ropes to Radishes Project link below).

Ways to Donate -  There are several ways you may donate to MVJRC:
1) Donation of FUNDS
2) Donation of ITEMS
3) Donation of SERVICES/In-Kind Support

Promotion for Contributors -  MVJRC produces brochures and newsletters communications that are distributed Ohio-wide to commissioners, judges, court offices and county employees. We place our business supporters' logos and names on our communications for their support, and in turn hope this exposure will help create growth for their businesses. (See a sample of our Newsletter below with one of our contributors featured.)

Tax Receipt - You will receive a contribution letter from MVJRC when you donate.  This letter can be utilized at tax time.

Questions/Deliveries - Attn: Melody Anderson  (Questions, call 937-562-4150).  MVJRC, 2100 Greene Way Blvd.,  Xenia, OH  45385.   Donations can be delivered Monday through Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Ropes to Radishes Project Update - MVJRC is currently working on the Ropes to Radishes project where a ropes course was dismantled to make way for a garden complex in the rear of our building. The ropes course materials are being re-claimed and transformed into a shelter that will serve as the central component of the garden complex and a fence that will encircle the space.  Part of the youth experience at MVJRC is taking part in learning about and physically growing a garden.  While the youth will benefit from eating some of the vegatables, MVJRC also donates a large portion of the growth to a local food pantry.  This teaches our youth about "giving back" to the community. (See more information about the "Ropes to Radishes Project Update" below.)

Thank you in advance for your contribution!